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Febrero 2016

Nurotron reaches South America


The manufacturer of hearing implants Chinese Nurotron enters the South American market. In a press release issued in early January, their leaders indicated that four people with hearing disabilities were fitted with a cochlear implant Venus, in Lima (Peru) and La Paz (Bolivia). This is the first patients who are subject to the Chinese system in Latin America. Surgicorp and Biopro are, respectively, the distribution companies of Nurotron products in Peru and Bolivia.


Thus, in the Delgado Clinic (Lima), Dr. Javier Rubio, they assisted by Dr. Juan Chiossone (pictured with his team), implanted with an 8-year-old with sensorineural hearing loss and a woman of 58 with affected by progressive deafness.


In Bolivia, were two brothers aged 4 and 8 years, both with sensorineural deafness who received implants Clinic South La Paz.


"These revolutionary surgeries would not have been possible without the efforts and contribution of Surgicorp, Biopro and physicians, the opportunity to work with all these people to restore hearing to the inhabitants of South America is a great opportunity for Nurotron" as stated Chu-Li, CEO of Nurotron.


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